Global network failure: In Firefox disconnected all extensions

Глобальный сетевой сбой: В браузере Firefox отключились все расширения

The new clock system was the cause of the failure. This certificate digital signatures are not updated and the error occurred.

4 may at 00:00 UTC, there has been a global network failure. Firefox users are faced with the problem of the set of extensions in the browser. Due to a temporary error the certificate has not had time to update the data, what was the cause of the “braking” of the site.

Representatives of Firefox apologized for lack of access browser. The developers said that they know the reason why disconnected all extensions, and how to fix the situation. Users can also upload the necessary files manually, but this procedure must be repeated on every startup.

Experts advise to wait a while to they were able to return “fire Fox” in working condition.

According to the developers, this is not the first failure mode. Such problems were already in 2016, and the reason for this was the same time zone changes.

As noted by experts, Mozilla Firefox became the second most popular browser among game fans. Leading position is occupied by Google Chrome. Third place went to Internet Explorer.

Mobile device users also thinks Google Chrome is the best browser to use. The following is the position of Safari. However, experts have noticed an increased interest in the past, which speaks of the imminent change in the overall rating.