Global warming has caused the Greenland ice sheet to the point of no return

Глобальное потепление привело Гренландский ледяной щит к точке невозврата

Scientists report that since 2000, the rate of melting of the ice sheet of Greenland skyrocketed and drop down the snow does not have time to compensate for the loss.

As reports UKRINFORM, reported by Naked Science.

According to the data from satellites, ice shelf of Greenland – the second largest after the Antarctic for the last 40 years declined so much that even if humanity miraculously manage to slow down the process of global warming, it still continues to melt

As the authors of a study published in the journal Nature Communications, Earth and Environment, the glaciers of Greenland passed some kind of tipping point: drop-down snow, which annually replenish the ice shield, can not keep up the speed of melting. Since 1985, they retreated an average of three kilometers, to a depth. Warm ocean water causes the glaciers to melt even faster and prevent them to return to their former place, specialists say.

“In the twenty-first century ice sheet Greenland is losing its mass at an accelerated pace, making it the largest source of sea-level rise. More rapid current melting of glaciers has largely contributed to this loss, but the cause of the acceleration and future changes is unknown,” write scientists from the Center for Arctic and climate research and School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State University (USA) and their colleagues from the Institute for marine and atmospheric research at Utrecht University (the Netherlands).