Gloves were a foreign object: the brother of Wilder blamed the fury of the dishonest game

В перчатках был посторонний предмет: брат Уайлдера обвинил Фьюри в нечестной игре

В перчатках был посторонний предмет: брат Уайлдера обвинил Фьюри в нечестной игре

The brother of former world champion in the heavyweight division Deontay Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KO’s) of Marcellos Wilder has accused Tyson fury at the unfair victory. Supposedly in the glove was the blunt instrument that has helped fury.

Opinion brother the boxer said the publication Worldboxingnews. According to him, doctors have found that Wilder has formed a dent on the side of the head after the fight with the British. It arose due to blunt force trauma during the fight.

Charges for fury

As stated Marsellos, none of the glove and the kick could not cause such damage.

The WBC belt holder Tyson fury immediately responded to these accusations in his side. He recorded a short video to answer Wilder.

I read an article where it says that my gloves could be blunt objects. Yes, it was so. Was 125-pound huge destroyer in each glove
– said fury.

Note that it weighs as much a Brit. A strong blow to the head can lead to such consequences.

According to him, Wilder’s trainer Jay Dis was in the room when Tyson was etapirovany hands. He checked everything and examined the gloves before wearing them British.

Fury also said loudly that the next time it will leave a dent in the Boxing career of Wilder. Cause two early defeats in a row.

Fury – Wilder: main

  • The first meeting of the boxers in the ring took place on 1 December 2018. Fury has twice been knocked down, but the fight ended in a draw.
  • The second fight between fury and Wilder was held on 22 February 2020 and ended in the seventh round. The referee stopped the beating Wilder and Tyson won by TKO.
  • During the fight Tyson twice sent Americans into a knockdown. And only one the referee gave Deontay win at least one round of the fight.
  • For Wilder this is the first defeat of his career. The American had an 11-year streak.
  • But fury still doesn’t know what defeat is. Tyson was the first boxer who possessed all the titles in the heavyweight division.

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