Glucose is hung on the bar in tight tights

Глюкоза повисла на турнике в обтягивающих лосинах

The famous singer shared his secret of youth.

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Glucose starred on the Playground tights. A series of photos where the star is hanging upside down, Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova shared in “Instagram”.

The first picture shows the singer posing on a swing in black tights and a cropped t-shirt gray. In the next scene, a star hung on the bar, hanging by your feet over the rope sports complex.

“Always carry your childhood with you! And you’ll never grow old”, signed summer post celebrity. In the last picture she appeared sitting on a rope net.

“Natasha looks like a girl”, “That’s for sure,” agreed the commentators, noting that Glucose can be mistaken for 18-year-old girl. Pictures of the actress in “Instagram” liked her subscribers within an hour the post got more than 10 thousand positive marks.

Natalia Ionova carefully watching their figure. 33-year-old singer refused to gluten, eating lots of vegetables and exercise that helps her stay in shape.

Previously Glucose starred in translucent linen after a sleepless night.