GMF 2019: the media, the populists and the struggle for power

GMF 2019: СМИ, популисты и борьба за власть

Who holds power in media, politics and society? It will discuss the participants of the Global Media Forum in Bonn, which for the 12th time holds medicompany Deutsche Welle.

27 and 28 may, Deutsche Welle once again brings together the participants of the annual Global Media Forum World Conference Center in Bonn. The theme of the largest international media forum this year will be the question of redistribution of power. Today it is especially urgent since the relationships between media, politics and society are experiencing a crucial period, especially given the increasing pace of digitization.

“Populists everywhere threaten the integrity of Europe, says DW Director General Peter Limburg (Peter Limburg). Control over information became for them an instrument of power”. At the same time many politicians disseminate their own views through control over the state media or misinformation in social networks. “Freedom of expression is under threat,” said Limburg.

As there is love and hatred between media and politicians

The two-day forum, which will be held in English, should help to understand the process of such fundamental change. “Together with many representatives of the international media, partners and those who support this idea, we will place emphasis and bring to the subject much attention,” said Peter Limburg.

Along with the CEO to open the DW Global Media Forum in the mode of direct connection will be the Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Frank-Walter Steinmeier). Thereafter, the first panel discussion will talk about how the changing media landscape, what it gives the chances and what are the risks.

Among the participants of the Global Media Forum, this time co-founder of the India Today media Group, Arun Puri and the representative of the group Google mark Peters. And the head of the German mass media company Axel Springer Mathias, Deppner (Mathias D?pfner) and a pioneer in the field of virtual reality, the American Jaron Lanier will speak.

On the second day the main issue of the forum will be the relationship between the media and politicians. Former editor of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet can Dundar and the head of the Association of investigative journalism of the German TV channels NDR and WDR and the newspaper’s?ddeutsche Zeitung Mascolo Georg (Georg Maskolo) will hold a discussion about what direction now developing these relationships, what they bring hatred or love.

Artificial intelligence, local journalism and stereotypes about Africa

On the media forum GMF, which will take part in 2,000 people from 140 countries which will include around 70 events, will be discussed and other problems. For example, the future of local journalism. So, on one of the panels will be presented positive examples of how, despite the huge crisis journalism on the ground can be successful.

About artificial intelligence will be discussed during the panel discussion, which will be attended by a representative of the Institute for the analysis of artificial intelligence and information systems of the Fraunhofer Joachim köhler (Joachim K?hler), and Nanjira, Sambuli – a Kenyan lawyer and a civil activist from non-governmental organizations Web Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of digital equality. Artificial intelligence now plays an increasingly important role in the media field. Therefore, all the more urgent becomes the question of how algorithms, bots and electronic translators are affecting the media and journalists.

Lectures and seminars will be held in the framework of the Global Media Forum partner organizations, we will focus on how lawyers and politicians can respond to hate speech, as migrants to draw attention to yourself in times of populism, what role played by investigative journalism. Additionally, there are various activities for the target audience, says Verica Spasovka, which is responsible for GMF’s agenda: this time after the official program, there will be a special time dedicated to training sessions, which will be attended by over 200 people invited to the forum by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany.

GMF-2019 will not manage and without innovations. In particular, it will feature robots that are the harbingers of a new era of artificial intelligence. The robot of Sofia even tell the forum members a few words. At the Global Media Forum this time will be given to the location and art. For example, in the framework of GMF will host a photo exhibition of Everyday Africa, which will be attended by 30 photographers, damaging stereotypes about Africa.

Award Freedom of Speech

One of the most important points on the GMF will be awarding the annual prize DW Freedom of Speech Awards. The winner this year was the Mexican Anabel Hernandez. Journalist, forced to leave their homeland, was awarded the prize for the fight against corruption, mutual responsibility and impunity of the authorities in Mexico.

The main partner in the GMF this year is besides the German foreign Ministry, the administration of the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia. “With this support, the format of the forum will be expanded, it will be able to accept the participation of international media experts, politicians and public figures,” – said the Prime Minister of North Rhine – Westphalia, Armin Lachet (Armin Laschet), who personally will take part in the forum. “Land administration will support DW to convert GMF to lead the forum” – said Lachat.

By the way, for those who can not personally come to Bonn, will be broadcast live from the forum. Watch will also work at the social networks Twitter and Facebook.

GMF 2019: СМИ, популисты и борьба за власть

GMF 2019: СМИ, популисты и борьба за власть

GMF 2019: СМИ, популисты и борьба за власть