Go and charge: the Swedes build new roads

Едешь и заряжаешься: шведы строят новые дороги

On the Swedish island of Gotland will appear on a section of road with a length of over 4 kilometers, during a drive in which electric cars can recharge. Under the pavement are mounted magnetic coils, and on roadsides will install the inverters transmitters. The system will charge the cars driving on the road electric cars on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

“Electrogroove” will connect the island’s main town of Visby airport. The launch is scheduled for August 2020.

The system is planned to establish so that in the first place she loaded the buses and trucks. More importantly translate them to the motors as buses and trucks with internal combustion engine burn more fuel and cause more environmental damage than cars.

The estimated cost of a project Electreon – $ 12 million. Most of the funds allocated by the government. If tests are successful, the country will have thousands of kilometers of electrified roads.

It is noted that the project is being implemented by an Israeli startup Electreon Wireless.

The government