Go_A responded to the victory in the national selection for Eurovision 2020: We did not expect victory

Yesterday, February 22, the world learned the name of the representative of Ukraine at Eurovision-2020. The winners became electrofolk group Go_A, which has won the maximum number of points from the audience and judges. Musicians have reacted to the victory and admitted that for them it was a complete surprise.

12 may the winners of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 group Go_A will take the stage of the international song contest in Rotterdam with a Ukrainian song Solovey. The team became the absolute favorite of the judges and the audience voting, which once again confirms the unanimity of the Ukrainian public.

Group Go_A commented on his victory and shared first impressions with the organizers of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest. According to the official web site of team Ekaterina Pavlenko, all her emotions were captured on the face during the announcement of the results, words she can not do this.

We expect that we will do something important today but I didn’t expect the victory. We had hoped we believed in ourselves till the last, but not everything depended on us. Everything depended on us, we did today and we are very grateful that it is appreciated,
commented the group Go_A.

The first thing that flashed in thoughts when musicians heard their name as the winners of the National selection for Eurovision 2020, that all this is like a dream. However, the singer admitted that the results have surpassed even the fondest dreams: “I Have some dizziness was there. There was a feeling that I’ll Wake up. But I don’t even have such vivid dreams were not like today. We are very pleased that Rotterdam will feature the song in the Ukrainian language”.

We will remind that by results of voting the second place was shared Krut and KHAYAT – 9 points, third place went to TWORCHI and David Axelrod – 5 points, and JERRY HEIL took the last place, scoring just 2 points. Representatives of Ukraine, the group Go_A will be performing in Rotterdam in the first semifinal on 12 may at number 15 with a Ukrainian song Solovey.

The winners of the selection for Eurovision 2020 Go_A: watch the video of the speech online