GOGOLFEST moved to Kherson: the organizers are preparing a surprise

Гогольfest переезжает в Херсон: организаторы готовят сюрпризы

In Kherson 4 to 6 September for the first time will host the international multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art GOGOLFEST.

One of his concerts, the audience will be able to see from boats, the other from the balconies of the hotel. It on a press-conferences in Kherson, held at one of the locations for Dream GOGOLFEST Captured the bridge, said the Director of GOGOLFEST Maxim demski, reports UKRINFORM.

“This festival, which for 14 years. And finally, he arrived in Kherson. A number of projects that are presented at GOGOLFEST is Shevchenko laureates and one of them will be right on this bridge (group “DakhaBrakha” – ed.). It will be held on 4 September in 21 hours. There will be a big stage, she will be in the form of a large ship. Will be called the performance “And the ship sails on”. The point is that this project will focus on the water, and the viewer who will be able to observe this action is the viewer who will be able to get here on boats, on rafts, in canoes,” said demskie.

According to demski, the organizers take care that the festival was held in compliance with all quarantine requirements. Therefore, the majority of projects – unique, non-standard, and people who come to events, “will naturally keep a distance”.

As stressed by demski, the situation with the pandemic forces festivals to rethink their concepts and to turn your designs into special projects, where people will keep a distance??”in a natural way”. In one such project, providing for a natural distance, the music scene will set in front of one of the hotels and see the action, only those viewers who will leave (for 3-4 people) on the balcony.

Another of the announced events of the festival – Opera-Requiem “job”.

As noted at the press conference, the festival in Kherson will be held with the support of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID) and its partners are the Kherson regional state administration, city Council, Kherson academic drama theater. Kulish, creative space Urban CAD.

According to the Chairman of Kherson regional state administration Yuriy Gusev, the idea of spending GOGOLFEST was founded in summer of last year and agreed to its implementation with the team of the festival for 15 minutes. According to the Chairman of regional state administration, these festivals are an opportunity for the promotion of the region, popularization of Kherson region.

Гогольfest переезжает в Херсон: организаторы готовят сюрпризы