Going into politics: Olya Polyakova creates a women’s party

Собралась в политику: Оля Полякова создает женскую партию

More Ukrainian representatives and representatives of show business decided to go into politics! Singer Olga Polyakova, who recently said that he doesn’t want to stay “singing feet”, decided to create their own political party.

This was announced by activist Juliana Pchelkina on his page on the social network Facebook. So, Polyakova announced the creation of the women’s party during the presentation at the Forum of Women’s Partnership with the support of the public organization “Business Women in Ukraine”.

According to her, the new political force will be represented at the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada this year. She urged women to unite, which aims to combat gender chauvinism in the country and the depopulation of the Ukrainian people. The singer added that he will form a team personally.

Now the country is preparing for elections. I was treated different policies offered places in their lists. I refused. I don’t want to play by someone else’s rules. I don’t want to be an extra and knopkodavy. I need experience! So officially I am announcing the creation of the party, which will meet the request of the community. This will be the first women’s party of Ukraine. Real, not fictitious. Party Olya Polyakova. And forming our team, I will personally! To avoid manipulation, I say at once – the party will not participate in the elections on July 21
– said Olya Polyakova.

According to the artist, her goal is “to build a strong and talented team of women who I can trust and with whom we’ll get there when we’re ready, and not to get into Parliament at any cost.”

On his page in Instagram Olya Polyakova published a video, which was asked of Internet users regarding their ideas on how to call women’s party.

Some fans ironically I propose to call the party “ASS”, “Naked Asses”, “Blondes in the law” and “Gender equality”, “Women of Ukraine”, “Maternal heart”, “Ukrainochka” and others.

Собралась в политику: Оля Полякова создает женскую партию

Polyakova asked for ideas from fans regarding the name of the party / Screenshot