Going to jail: Lukashenko gave a debriefing in Belarusian hockey

Сядете в тюрьму: Лукашенко устроил разбор полетов в белорусском хоккее

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on air of TV channel “Belarus 1” spoke about the situation in hockey. In particular, he stated that he will send the hockey players of “Dynamo” in prison, if they fail next season.

“Let Igor Shunevich listen to, even though he was interior Minister. Chaos in hockey enough. An acquaintance to bring in a boyfriend, son, or someone else. This should not be”, – quotes the Belarusian President by.tribuna.com.

“She played at Dynamo Baskov (Dmitry Baskov, General Director of “Dynamo”, – Спорт24). Said, “Pick a team and God forbid, fail the next time.” Yesterday rudely said: “go to jail, if you fail next season.” They are still worried. They were invited to eat, so they have stopped. This is no laughing matter.

Looked at “Minsk-Arena”. 15 thousand from the first to the last minute sat. At “Chizhovka-Arena” 11 thousand sat. We had all put in place and show to everyone his place. Thus, to say that we need to work and give the result. Or the money will not be”, – concluded the President.

“There, in “Dynamo”, the best Belarusians. They are bad game show. I’m rooting for those. Basque said that injured many. He replied: “you Go play”. And there are patients in the Extraliga. All the covers that the guys from Extraliga show. Showed how to play modern hockey. Showed that no physical preparation is nothing to take a stick and hit the ice. Elementary, like. But some people do not understand. This is another reason for a serious showdown.

We have in 2021 the world championship. We cannot from the second League to play in the world Cup. Of course we will be there masters. But need to return to the elite. We need to create a command that will pull the team up. They have nothing to regret, you need to work. Will do, we will honor them at every corner. Will not do, no one to talk to them will not” – said Lukashenko.

“Dinamo-Minsk” unsuccessfully spent a season in the Kontinental hockey League, not going into the playoffs. In addition, between the Dynamo and the Belarusian Extraliga team (championship of Belarus hockey championship) organized matches. The team scored one victory. Another game will be held March 2.

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