“Gold Alma mater”: the top 5 richest rectors of the Dnieper

«Золото альма-матер»: топ-5 самых богатых ректоров вузов Днепра

The informant Money examined the Declaration of the richest rectors of universities of the Dnieper. How much they earn and what they have of value assets – read the material.

1 place – Tatiana Pertseva

Tatiana holds the position of rector of the Dnieper medical Academy of the Ministry of health of Ukraine (DMA) since February of 2017. In his Declaration for 2019, it pointed out the following:

  • Last year she managed to earn 2 095 million 999 thousand UAH. Of this amount, 541 thousand 219 UAH. wages in med school, 1 million 316 thousand UAH 181. – income from business activities, 025 125 thousand UAH. – pension of 36 thousand 720 UAH. – annual payment for the title of member of the National Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine, 54 thousand UAH 990. – Bank interest 864 21 thousand UAH. – income from independent professional activities in OOO “Farma leasing Ukraine”;
  • To the Bank account of Tatiana Alexeyevna kept 661 976 thousand UAH. 123 of 415 thousand Euro and 114 thousand 451 dollars;
  • Of valuable property of the rector’s apartment in the river (95.8 sq. m.) and wrist Franck Muller watch diamond.

2nd place – Alexander Pshinko

Alexander is the rector of Dnieper national University of railway transport (DNURT them. academician V. Lazaryan) since July 1997. Last year, he declared the following property:

  • Total income for the year 2019 amounted to 1 million 386 thousand UAH 306., of which 109 606 thousand UAH. – University salary, 026 165 thousand UAH. – pension, 937 279 thousand UAH. – Bank interest on deposits, 220 thousand 880 UAH. – income from the sale of the car, 96 thousand 560 UAH. – revenue from scientific-pedagogical activities in the branch of the “Center service support” PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, 9 thousand 297 UAH. – financial assistance from the University and 8 497 thousand UAH. – income from renting of property to rent Mahdalynovskoho butter factory;
  • Cash Alexander 519 stores 15 thousand dollars. in the Bank – 1 million 306 thousand UAH 867., 116 thousand 148 dollars. and 18 euros;
  • The rector goes on a new KIA Sportage (2019 V.), which he purchased in that year of 603 thousand 960 UAH.;
  • In the village of Voronovo Sinelnikovskoye district, he has a house (77,1 sq. m.) and two plots of land (6 801 sq. m.);
  • 50% he owns another plot of land (500 sq. m. 75) in the village of Topchyno mahdalynovskoho district of Dnepropetrovsk region;
  • Together with his son owns an apartment (to 119.1 sq. m.) in the river. Here he has a garage (18,6 sq. m.).

3 place – Nikolay Polyakov

Rector of Dnieper national University. O. Honchara since 1998, Nikolai Viktorovich Polyakov. From his Declaration for 2019, we learned about the following:

  • Over the past year the rector has earned 1 million 452 thousand 252 UAH., 1 million 254 thousand 931 UAH. wages in the BOTTOM 156 of 521 thousand UAH. – pension, 40 thousand 800 UAH. – life payment for the title of corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Wife of Nikolai Viktorovich received 183 thousand 359 UAH. of which 128 thousand UAH 479. wages in the BOTTOM 53 of 780 thousand UAH. – retirement;
  • The Bank account of Nikolai Viktorovich stored 63 824 thousand UAH. 107 thousand 482 dollars. and 36 834 thousand Euro;
  • The Professor owns the land (2 413 sq. m.) in the village of Spasskoe Novomoskovsk district, and his wife – the apartment (94.4 per sqm) and Parking place in the river;
  • The wife also designed a car for Citroen C3 (2006 onwards).

4 place – Sergey Seregin

Sergey is the Director of Dnipropetrovsk regional Institute of public administration National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine (DRIDU NADU). In return for 2019, he pointed out the following property:

  • Total income for last year amounted to 1 million 183 thousand UAH 425., of which 722 023 thousand UAH. – the salary at the Institute, 165 984 thousand UAH. – pension, 763 205 thousand UAH. – Bank interest on deposits 89 thousand 655 UAH. income for civil law agreements of LLC “Dnipro energy services”;
  • Sergei’s wife received 120 thousand UAH 672. in the form of wages;
  • Cash Professor holds 25 thousand dollars. in the Bank – 1 million 101 thousand 926 UAH.;
  • The Bank account of the wife – 121 thousand UAH 915. 12 and 525 thousand dollars.;
  • The Director drives a car Chery Tiggo 5 (2017 V.), and his wife on the Mitsubishi Outlander (2011 onwards);
  • He owns two houses (42,2 sqm 292 sqm) and three plots of land (total area of 7 500 sq. m.) in village Troop of the Solonyansky district;
  • The village Aviator rector owns three apartments (63,3 sq. m., 81,9 sq. m. and 46.1 sq. m.);
  • He also owns a plot of land (2000 sqm) in the village of Lyubimovka Dnieper region.

5th place – Viktor Sichenko

The rector of the Dnieper Academy of continuing education and part-time Deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Council closes our list of the richest rectors of universities of the Dnieper. In 2019, he declared the property:

  • Total annual income – 733 730 thousand UAH. A large part of this sum, namely 673 570 thousand UAH. – salary in the Academy, 112 733 thousand UAH. – Bank interest, 38 179 thousand UAH. the salary for teaching in the Dnieper agrarian-economic University;
  • The wife contributed to the family budget 185 515 thousand UAH. of which 139 thousand UAH 484. – salary 46 031 thousand UAH. – Bank interest;
  • Bank account Professor kept 994 145 thousand UAH. and 7 thousand dollars. cash – 15 thousand dollars.;
  • The wife of the rector keeps the cash 20 thousand dollars. in the Bank – 302 195 thousand UAH.;
  • Victor drives a car Chery Tiggo (2008 onwards), registered on his father;
  • The rector has two apartments (85,7 sq. m. and 50.2 sq. m.) in the river;
  • He also can use the plot of land (1,500 sqm) in the village of Balivka Dnieper region, which his father owned;
  • Wife of Victor belongs to the apartment (32,7 sq. m.) in the river.

«Золото альма-матер»: топ-5 самых богатых ректоров вузов Днепра

«Золото альма-матер»: топ-5 самых богатых ректоров вузов Днепра

«Золото альма-матер»: топ-5 самых богатых ректоров вузов Днепра

«Золото альма-матер»: топ-5 самых богатых ректоров вузов Днепра