“Golden pearl” for “ultimate realism”

"Золотая жемчужина" за "предельный реализм"


Andrey Poznyakov

The international film festival in San Sebastian for the third time in history recognized as the best film of the year the Spanish film. The main award — “Golden shell”, was given to the drama “Between two seas” Director Isaki Lacuesta. This film with an almost documentary realism tells the difficult life story of two brothers in the Spanish coastal province of Cadiz Lacuesta presented a continuation of his 2006 painting “Legend of time”.

At the awards ceremony of the film festival in San Sebastian honored the creators of the Argentine Thriller “Red,” which was noted in several categories. Benjamin Naishtat was announced by the Director, Pedro Sotero was awarded for cinematography and Dario Grandinetti recognized as the best actor.

Actress of the year at the film festival in San Sebastian was Pia Tjelta from Norway. The jury praised her participation in the film “Blind spot” is a drama about the life of one family after a suicide attempt of his daughter. The tape was the directorial debut of Swedish actress Tuva Novotny.

In the nomination “the best scenario” the victory was shared by the films “Julia” and “Loyal man.” Special jury prize went to Filipino crime drama “alpha: a right to kill”.

The festival in San Sebastian as one of the major cultural events in Spain and one of the most important European film competitions. About their impressions of the festival Euronews said the owner of the “Golden shell” directed by Isaki Lacuesta:

It was wonderful! We came here the whole team and of course we experienced the dizzying moments, tears, laughter. We are happy. This movie we started 14 years ago, it was a very long work, and that is especially important to me that we didn’t want to stop. Now is the time of joy and gratitude.

As the correspondent of Euronews Carlos Marlasca, the film Isaki Lacuesta organically fit into the collection of paintings, who received the “Golden shell”, “but the festival in San Sebastian is not without its unexpected, sometimes shocking decisions of the jury, which is sometimes called the hallmark of the competition.”

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