Golden raspberry 2019: who is nominated for the infamous prize of the Hollywood a – list

Золотая малина 2019: кто номинирован на позорную премию Голливуда – список

The 39th ceremony of the winners anteprime “Golden raspberry 2019” will be held February 23 in Los Angeles, on the eve of the award “Oscar”.

On 20 January, the organizers have posted a video on the YouTube channel, which reported the names of the nominees for the current award of Hollywood.

The list of nominees for the award “Golden raspberry 2019”

Worst actor

Donald trump (“Fahrenheit 11/9”, “the Death of a nation: can we save America the second time?”),
Johnny Depp (the voice acting in the cartoon “Sherlock, Hnoms”),
Will Ferrell (“Holmes and Watson”),
John Travolta (“Code Gotti”),
Bruce Willis (“death”).

Worst supporting actress:

Jennifer garner (“Purple mint”),
Amber heard (“London fields”),
Melissa McCarthy (“Toys for adults”),
Helen Mirren (“Winchester”),
Amanda Seyfried (“Clap”).

Worst supporting actress

Melania Trump (“Fahrenheit 11/9”),
Advisor to the President of the United States, Kellyann Conway (“Fahrenheit 11/9”),
Marcia Gay harden (“Fifty shades freed”),
Kelly Preston (“The Code Gotti”),
Jazz Sinclair (“Slenderman”).

Worst supporting actor

Justice Smith (“Jurassic World 2”),
Jamie Foxx (“Robin Hood: The Beginning”),
John C. Reilly (“Holmes and Watson”),
Joel McHale (“toys for adults”),
The Ludacris (“Dogs undercover”).

Worst movie

“Code Gotti”,
“Toys for adults”,
“Holmes and Watson”,
“Robin Hood: The Beginning”

Worst Director

Ethan Cohen (“Holmes and Watson”),
Kevin Connolly (“The Code Gotti”),
Brian Henson (“Toys for adults”),
Brothers Spirig (“Winchester”)

Worst case scenario

“Winchester. The house that ghosts built”,

“Toys for adults”,

“Code Gotti”,

“Fifty shades of freedom”

The death of the nation.”

Worst remakes

“Thirst of death”,
“Meg: Monster of the deep” (imitation of “jaws”),
“Robin Hood: The Beginning”,
“Death of a nation” (a remake of “America Hillary: the secret history of the Democratic party 2”),
“Holmes and Watson”.

Worst on-screen Duo

Johnny Depp and his career quickly which fades – “Sherlock, Gnoms”,
Donald trump and his infinite pettiness – “Death nation” and “Fahrenheit 11/9”
Kelly Preston and John Travolta “Gotti Code”
Any combination of puppets and actors – “Toys for adults”
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (spoil two favorite characters of literature) – “Holmes and Watson”

Nominees of the award “Golden raspberry”: watch the video

What is known and the prize “Golden raspberry”?Film award “Golden raspberry”, or “Razzy” was founded by one American John Wilson in 1981 and had been annually awarded intinerary stars for the dubious achievements in the field of cinema. This award recognizes the worst acting, script, directing, and konopasky film of the year. It is often symbolically considered as a Supplement to “Oscar”. By long tradition, the nominees for the “Golden raspberry” is always announced the day before the announcement of the Oscar nominees, and the winners of an anti-award to the winners of the “Oscars”.

Such “shameful” award is awarded by vote of the members of the so-called Fund “the gold raspberry” which consists of more than 500 anonymous members from 12 countries, the voting of which is in zip format. The prize is a plastic berry of a raspberry, covered in gold paint from a spray. Each prize is worth less than $ 5, including sales tax (8% in California).