Goncharuk did not give up and is preparing a return to power

Гончарук не сдается и уже готовит возвращение во власть

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk told about whether the government should negotiate with the IMF about the next tranche of cash.

The politician gave an interview to “24 channel” in video mode and explained the main points “anticolonial” bill.

Alexey Goncharuk answered the question about how satisfied the IMF is the essence of the so-called “anticolonial” of a bill is not a return to the former owners of PrivatBank. This law was developed by the government of the Goncharuk during his tenure as Prime Minister, but because he understands what to expect from future talks with the IMF on the presented topic.

Alexey Goncharuk, screenshot videos from YouTube

The former Prime Minister noted that the essence of the bill is much broader than just action against PrivatBank or other financial institutions in the country. In the banking system of Ukraine, according to Goncharuk, more than five hundred billion of bad loans. The national Bank withdrew from the market a large number of banks in the bill are regulated and all of these points, and therefore it is impossible to perceive the act only as a “andikalovsky”.

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Thus Alexey Goncharuk has confirmed that the international Monetary Fund sees the main barrier to further cooperation with Ukraine in the above mentioned bill. The politician is sure that the wording of the law, the review of which is currently happening in Parliament is a rational and the only possible in order to be accepted by the IMF.

The former head of the government noted that “andikalovsky” the bill includes not only any specific action against PrivatBank, but also demonstrates the civilized world Ukraine’s readiness to cooperate closely. The government should demonstrate positive change in the thinking of Ukrainian politicians who are ready to fight corruption and shady financial schemes. The fact of the resumption of cooperation with the IMF is perceived by the world as a litmus test that demonstrates the readiness of Ukraine to enter a new era, absolutely free from corruption.