Good souls get smaller and you risk to fail – study

American scientists have found that the compliant people are easier to manipulate, causing them to lose a significant portion of income.

Добряки получают меньше и рискуют обанкротиться  – исследование

The study’s lead author Sandra Matz from Columbia business school in the United States along with his colleague Joe Gladstone from University College London analyzed data from more than three million people over the age of 25. They collected information through surveys, statements from Bank accounts and publicly available data from social networks, the results of which are published in the journal “Psychology of personality and social psychology”.

Scientists have discovered that the more compliant and agreeable people are more likely to find themselves in a difficult financial situation and even at risk of going bankrupt. This occurs for the reason that good souls are less valued money, are willing to help, and also often agree to lower wages, in contrast to their persistent peers, are able to manipulate the comrades. Experts claim that the kind and helpful people as completely not able to save money and often get into debt.

However, the researchers claim that not every nice person is necessary for his life faced with a low income. Sandra Matz and Joe Gladstone believe that the presence of the financial safety net will help to prevent the adverse effects of nature.

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