Goodbye JavaScript: eBay is a new 50 times faster network app

Прощай, jаvascript: eBay представляет новое в 50 раз более быстрое сетевое приложение

It is suitable for Adroid and iOS devices and will make a revolution in the field of technology.

Employees of the online store eBay has developed a network application, created using WebAssembly (wasm). A positive feature of this binary format is portability of code for different programming languages. eBay took the existing version of the barcode with C++ and compiled it in wasm using Emscripten, using an approach based on Docker and Node.js. After solving small problems eBay has launched a barcode scanner in the browser and now is a new 50 times faster network app that can say, “goodbye, JavaScript”. Experts have tested the scanner on the basis of wasm. He processed the image with a bar code at a speed of 50 frames per second, instead of one as before, when using JavaScript.

Unfortunately, the scanner on the basis of the wasm was not used built-in APIs available for C++. Therefore, the barcode scan took 60% of the time. Created the application is able to displace popular JavaScript. Online shop uses it to scan the goods in Internet auctions. The program has great potential because it is faster JavaScript and created on the migrated abstract syntax tree. This allows for high-speed parsing – parse a programming language. The result is a significant speedup.