Goodbye pump. GM and Michelin has come up with airless tires

Прощай, насос. GM и Michelin придумали безвоздушные автопокрышки

The company promised to release a market ready product by 2024.

General Motors (GM) and Michelin has unveiled a prototype of the tires without air for passenger cars, reported Engadget. The futuristic concept is known Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System – “a unique system antipovyh tire”).

He is created from a mixture of composite rubber and polymer optical fiber. As assured in GM and Michelin, these tires can be used at high speeds. Whereas previous prototypes were fit only for a slow ride.

Later in 2019, GM will begin testing Uptis on its production electric car, the Chevy Bolt. Both companies expressed the hope that they are ready to mass use of airless tyres will appear not later than 2024.

Among the main advantages of the new products – they are not afraid of punctures and they do not face the uneven wear. It is expected that the production of airless tires will be much more environmentally friendly. Motorists will not need to constantly carry a spare. This will reduce the weight of the machine and, consequently, fuel consumption.