Google announced Android 11 R and spoke about the key features of the operating system

Google анонсировала Android 11 R и рассказала о ключевых фишках операционной системы

Tenth version of the Android operating system is still in beta testing and will be available before the end of the summer. However, Google is already considering the next release and even talked about one of the key features Android R.

The first attempt to realize the function of long screenshots. As reported by 9to5google, in June 2018 users turned to Google add to stock Android version option to create a long screenshot, available on devices from many manufacturers, but not on smartphones Google Pixel.

The job has been forwarded to the development team, but after a few months, the search giant said that to implement this feature impossible.

The announcement of Android 11 R and new features. In may 2019 at Google I / O 2019 Dave Burke said that the option is still technically possible to implement. Now he has officially confirmed her appearance in Android R.

We have added the screenshots in a long list of new features for Android R and hope to be able to implement them in this version
said Dave Burke.

Other innovations. We will remind that earlier Google refused to function Scoped Storage Android Q. It is designed to improve operating system security by restricting access of applications to data from other programs. This innovation will be implemented in Android R.

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