Google, Apple and Amazon have teamed up to make smart home safer

Despite the competition in the field of digital electronics, Google, Apple and Amazon announced the merger. The company entered into an agreement to develop a common standard of compatibility for some of their devices. In the future it will allow users not to think about the brand of the gadget that they buy when building a smart home system.

According to analyst firm IDC, this year the number of devices for the smart home will reach 815 million copies by 23.5% more than in 2018. in five years their number will increase to 1.39 billion, according to Gizchina.

Why is this a problem

A variety of such devices linked to ecosystems of different manufacturers, it creates complexity for users – for example, when buying the smart lock you need to find out whether it supports Amazon Echo, Google, or Apple HomeKit Home.

This situation does not suit and the companies themselves. Now they have to bind the new device to a specific ecosystem is still in the development phase. Community Project Connected Home over IP is intended to develop common requirements for devices in the system of smart homes.

In the future the logo will be printed on the boxes with electronics, telling customers about the compatibility of specific products with any of the Central gateway of the partner companies.

How it works

The project is built on total confidence that the device is for smart home systems must be safe, reliable and unobtrusive to use. It is based on the Internet Protocol (IP) and is aimed at ensuring communication between the devices of the smart home, mobile applications and cloud services, and to define a set of network technologies to identify devices.

Google, Apple и Amazon объединились, чтобы сделать умные дома безопаснее

Google, Apple и Amazon объединились, чтобы сделать умные дома безопаснее

The only ecosystem will make the device Smart Home safe and secure


In addition to Google, Apple and Amazon, to participate in the development of standards of new infrastructure going and the member companies of the ZigBee Alliance – Samsung SmartThings, Schneider Electric, Signify (Philips Lighting), IKEA, NXP Semiconductors and Resideo.

Be the first to be certified will begin smoke detectors, smart locks and sockets, alarm systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the future, the company plans to expand its activities.

The previous specifications of the new standard will be published next year.

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