Google Earth received an incredible function

Приложение Google Earth получило невероятную функцию

Google Earth project allows everyone a quick virtual transfer almost anywhere in the world. The company is constantly developing the service: and now on the screen of your smartphone, you can monitor the movement of clouds.

The updated version has a new animation layer, which reflects the movement of clouds around the world in the last 24 hours, according to Android Police.

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Where you take data? Input new features and 40-megapixel images from seven satellites naval research laboratory, USA. Every hour a new image is sent to Google’s special algorithm compresses the original image, adds shadows and transparency, and then creates from ready made frames smooth animation – second playback corresponds to an hour of real time.

Приложение Google Earth получило невероятную функцию

How to create animation? The resulting video is superimposed on the virtual model of the Earth showing weather conditions, anywhere on the planet. The developers note that when viewing and zooming in is loaded only the visible screen part of the cloud: such playback method increases the program speed.

How to access new features? For the first time a new feature was introduced to Google Earth in June, but now it got to the Android version of the service. To see the movement of clouds, you will need to update the app and include the corresponding layer in the settings.

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