Google explained why Android still can’t do a screenshot of the entire page

Google объяснила, почему Android до сих пор не умеет делать скриншот всей страницы

Functionality of Android has always been broader than iOS. Blind notifications, control center, widgets, replacement of standard third-party applications – all these and many other features appeared on Android earlier and then, after a time, migrated to iOS. This continued for quite a long time until Apple got sick, and she decided not to change the balance of power in the market of mobile operating systems in their favor. The result is so that the leader is iOS, but Android has been catching up on the position, justifying the complexity of implementing even such mechanisms as the screenshot of the entire page.

Due to the fact that the proportion of pure Android rather small, and most users will use the shell that produce the manufacturers of smartphones, many were unaware that a stock version of the OS never had the function for creating scrolls screenshots. In the shells it was a possibility, and in Android itself – no. Until recently, users this is especially felt comfortable because, in the end, you want advanced features, choose a third-party shell and blather. But at some point people decided that it can not continue and began to demand that Google implement all needed features.

Scrolls screenshot on Android

In Google with the answer delay did not. Someone of the employees wrote on the support forum that the implementation of the mechanism scrolls screenshots on Android is not technically possible. This statement, which was obviously calculated as a sedative to the public, literally stirred it. Was not one who would not be criticized Google and not pointed out to her that how to develop Android. Needless to say, leave it was so you can not have someone post older denied previous statement and promised that scrolls screenshots on Android will appear, but not immediately, and one of the next updates.

Logically, this update was supposed to be Android 11, whose release, as we now know, is scheduled for early September. In the end, it is generally only functional update that Google planned to release for your OS this year. But what surprise users when it turned out that neither in the pre nor in the test build of the operating system mechanism that allows you to make a screenshot of the entire page, does not appear. Naturally, people started asking questions and demanding answers from Google. Fortunately, wait he didn’t have to.

Why not take a screenshot of the entire page

Instead of quick to make so that the mechanism only worked in one or two applications, the aim of our developers is, that any app could connect to it and do scrolls screenshots regardless, provided their creators the opportunity or not. We investigated the nature scrolls of screenshots throughout the development process Android R and planned to develop a special system component that will be available in all shells and in the maximum number of applications. You can see how this feature takes shape, if you examine actual build of AOSP – written by Google developers on Reddit.

Frankly, the idea that we’re trying to bring developers, it does not reflect superficiality. They decided to implement a much more profound method of creating screenshots, giving the opportunity to users of applications that interface scrolling. Even on iOS, where the function of creating scrolls screenshots available for a long time, it works not in all applications. Google want to solve this problem and to expand the scope of its application. Well, if that happens sweetie, I’m willing to wait.

Google объяснила, почему Android до сих пор не умеет делать скриншот всей страницы

Google объяснила, почему Android до сих пор не умеет делать скриншот всей страницы

Google объяснила, почему Android до сих пор не умеет делать скриншот всей страницы