Google facing new antitrust investigation

Поисковой системе Google грозит новое антимонопольное расследование

The US Federal government intend to limit the influence of Google in the market of online search as part of the ongoing antitrust investigation against the technology giant. This was announced by Executive Director of privacy oriented search engine DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg (Gabriel Weinberg).

According to Weinberg, a few weeks ago his company communicated with state regulators and the U.S. Department of justice. The meetings showed that officials interested in the fact that Google offered consumers an alternative to its own search engine on Android devices and in Chrome.

Comments Weinberg confirmed that the main purpose of the antitrust inquiry is the main activity of Google in the sphere of online search. The U.S. Department of justice and power of many U.S. States about a year studying the activities of Google in the online advertising market. Recently began consideration of a class action in which the tech giant is accused of illegally collecting confidential user data. This may be the beginning of one of the largest antitrust cases in U.S. history.

Google is most popular search engine in the U.S., while Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo and other alternative systems are less common. Search engine free to consumers, but Google charges a thousand companies for the placement of advertising content. According to reports, last year the business brought the Corporation about $100 billion in revenue.

In the past the Federal trade Commission has already examined the issue of dominance of Google in the online advertising market. However, this investigation was terminated in 2013 after the company agreed to change its own policy in this segment. Despite this, some us officials continue to be confident that Google should conduct a new antitrust investigation.

We continue to participate in investigations conducted by the Ministry of justice and attorney General, and we have no new comments or statements on this issue“, – said the representative of Google.