Google fined in France for 150 million euros

Google оштрафован во Франции на 150 млн евро

The regulator came to the conclusion, that the American company had abused its dominant position in the sphere of search advertising. Google challenged the decision on the penalty.

The American group Google fined in France for € 150 million. The French regulator, the competition came to the conclusion that Google has abused a dominant position in the sphere of search advertising. This is stated in the message published on the Agency’s website on Friday, December 20.

“Google has abused the dominant position it occupies in the market of search advertising, by adopting opaque and difficult to understand rules of operation of their advertising platform Google Ads and applying them is unjust and arbitrary manner”, – stated in the document.

Internet group ordered to revise rules for Google Ads and to clarify the procedure for the blocking of accounts on this platform. The investigation against Google was initiated at the request of the French company Gibmedia that manages different websites. Its account on Google Ads has been blocked in 2015.

Google is appealing the fine

Google announced its intention to appeal the decision on the penalty and, in turn, filed charges against Gibmedia. “Gibmedia included ads for advertising sites, which encouraged people to pay for services for the opaque terms. We do not want this advertising on our platforms, so we blocked Gibmedia and refused to appropriate the profits of advertising, to protect consumers from harm,” Google said in a statement.

In March, the European regulator, the competition has fined Google for 1.49 billion euros, accusing him of creating unwarranted obstacles to competition in the field of search advertising platform AdSense for Search.