Google has released a major update for smartphones Pixel: details

At the end of 2019, Google has moved to the batch update of the Android operating system for smartphones line Pixel. New version update called Pixel Feature Drop brought the owners of proprietary components over a dozen useful features.

Details about the new features

In the list of innovations that will be available to smartphone users Google Pixel, includes the following functions.

  • Cards & Passes

This function will allow you to get quick access to Bank cards, tickets, boarding passes or other cards with Google Pay one long push. Owners of the Google Pixel 4 will also get quick access to emergency contacts and medical information stored in the Personal Safety app.

Later, these features will appear in Android 11, and for other devices.

  • Adding a screenshot of the boarding pass in Google Pay

One touch boarding pass with a barcode can be added to the appropriate service for further use.

Google Pay will automatically update the flight information, and on the day of departure the ticket will be displayed on the screen by long pressing the power button in the app, Cards & Passes.

Access functions get Pixel owners Google 3, Google Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 in all countries where Google Pay is supported.

  • Pause with Motion Sense with a gesture without touching the display.
  • Schedule power on dark interface in accordance with day and night cycle (to set the time manually switching is impossible).
  • Rules for calls and messages.

The phone will automatically switch to the mode “do not disturb”, “silent” or “vibration only” on the schedule, when connecting to the selected Wi-Fi network or changing the location of the user.

  • Emojis 12.1

169 new Emoji on all occasions.

  • Duo AR Effects

During a video call you can show moving elements of augmented reality, responding to the facial expressions of the user. Function is not available to owners of Google and Google Pixel 2 Pixel because of the high resource intensity.

  • The increase in selfies

Google Pixel 4 you can activate a feature that allows you to do bulk pictures in a single selfie camera smartphone.

  • Identification of the accident

The Personal Safety app will appear automatic registration of the fact of hit of a smartphone user in an accident and alert emergency services.

In addition to the US, the feature will be available in Australia and the UK. Officially it will receive only the owners of the Google Pixel 4, but the APK file of Personal Safety with Android 11 Developer Preview can be downloaded to other models in the lineup.

  • Live caption

Allows you to turn the text reproduced on the smartphone audio recording in real-time. The feature is already available for most smartphones Google Pixel, but with the March update, it will get all users of Google gadgets in this series.

While support is provided in English only. In addition, this function is unavailable for word recognition in music during a telephone conversation or a VoIP conversation.

  • Improved recognition of the long press

The assurances of Google, now a strong long press on the screen will quickly “get help from applications.”

  • Adaptive brightness settings

The brightness of the image will be automatically increased under bright sunlight.

New features on smartphones Google Pixel – watch videos

When a new function

The distribution update will be waves. Owners of smartphones line Google Pixel you can download it in the coming days depending on area of use.

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