Google introduced a Braille keyboard TalkBack for Android devices

Google представила клавиатуру Брайля TalkBack для Android-устройств

Thanks to special modern Braille displays – output devices designed to display text information in the form shestietazhnyj characters of Braille – for blind or visually impaired people can use most smartphones and computers. However, each time to plug a special device in order to print something, it is not always convenient.

Google introduced its digital Braille keyboard TalkBack, are integrated directly into the operating system Android. It requires no special equipment and can comfortably use social networks, instant messengers, text editors and mail clients, voicing all actions with the device.

On the development of the company reported in its official blog. There she shared the instructions, which describes in detail, including in Russian, how to enable and use the numeric keypad Braille TalkBack.

It is noted that TalkBack, supports gestures, and allows you to quickly print and delete letters and words, add the row and send text messages. In addition, the program informs about the notifications and other events.

Keyboard can work with the Braille levels Grade1 and Grade2, but is currently supported only by the United English Braille.

TalkBack is available for devices running Android 5.0 and higher.