Google introduced new features and applications

Google представила новые функции и приложения

Employees of the Corporation Google on Tuesday at a press conference in mountain view (California) introduced a number of new features that will get its search engine, email assistant, as well as other applications. The broadcast of the event were on YouTube.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai announced that later this year the system will be changed, which is issued when you search for information on various topics. The user will be the news publications regarding the subject of the search, and a summary of related events in chronological order. As an example, Pichai demonstrated a search service of information regarding black holes. The results reveal the list of recent events related to research in this area, as well as several popular science radio and television programmes on the subject. According to the CEO of Google, will thus be “better organized useful sources of information.”

Company representatives also noted that among the search results on various topics will be given, in particular, three-dimensional images. In the example shown, the query on “muscle contractions”. It was found, in particular, the model with elements of animation illustrating the device of the muscles of the human hand.

The conference also talked about the new features that will be implemented through the Google Lens. The program will allow, for example, point the smartphone camera at a menu in an unfamiliar restaurant and immediately find out which courses at a school are most popular, how they look, any feedback about them by other people. The app also helps calculate what amount is appropriate to leave as a tip, to transfer captured by the camera of the smartphone is a text in a foreign language and also to know the author’s a particular pattern.

Representatives of Google assured that the Google Assistant will be much faster than before. With the help of a virtual assistant will also be easier, for example, to reserve a table in the restaurant. At the press conference introduced an updated version of the Android operating system and two budget smartphone model Pixel 3.