Google introduced the Android operating system 10 for budget smartphones

Google представила операционную систему Android 10 для бюджетных смартфонов

Google introduced its operating system for entry-level smartphones – Android 10 (Go Edition). In addition to the traditional optimization performance on budget devices, the new version of the OS received encryption data and the updated set of branded applications.

Key features of the new OS. According to the statement Google performance Go new version of Android during the launch of the programme increased by 10% compared with last year, reports 9to5google.

Another innovation was the use of technology Adiantum, which enables low-cost devices with limited system resources to encrypt data without sacrificing performance.

App. To the set of standard applications for low-cost devices added Gallery Go – one of the latest innovations created by the Google team Photos. The app is optimized to work offline using machine learning device for classification of images: e.g., photos of Pets, portraits and self will be automatically grouped by category.

Google представила операционную систему Android 10 для бюджетных смартфонов

The first smartphones running Android 10 (Go Edition) z, as appropriate, before the end of autumn

Google Go, in turn, is notable for the function of reading web pages, and also got opportunities Google Lens.

Date of release of the first devices. The first devices running Android 10 (Go Edition) will be on sale until the end of autumn this year. According to Google, over the past 18 months, the market received more than 1600 models of devices with the Go version of the mobile OS.

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