Google introduces new protection technology: that it will change in the browser

Google внедряет новую технологию защиты: что она изменит в браузере

Google Chrome warned users about the innovation, which can protect their computer system in the future

Phishing is a type of Internet fraud that aims to obtain access to the sensitive user data such as username and password.

This is one of the most common types of hacker attacks, which is usually achieved by conducting mailings of electronic letters on behalf of popular brands or messages in social networks. The attackers send a link to the fake website, which looks very similar to the present.

After the user clicks the link, with the help of simple above the scammers get personal information by forcing under one pretext or another to enter the username and password of this site. As a rule, design a fake website exactly copies the original, and the address may differ by only one letter (for example, hackers can use the digit “0” instead of letter “o”). But now Google is going to put an end to phishing.

In the Chrome browser is already being tested, the function of protection against phishing attacks: when you type an address the browser will parse it and if it turns out to be suspiciously similar to the domain of the famous website, but in reality it is not, the user sees the alert prompting the user to correct the error in the address.

The function is in the list of experimental and disabled by default. For activation you will need to open Chrome, type in address bar code: chrome://flags/enable-lookalike-url navigation-suggestions, to enable and restart the browser.

New feature will simplify the procedure of copying and distribution links in the mobile version of Google Chrome browser. Now this feature is tested in applications Beta, Dev and Canary version 73.

Now, with this new feature in Chrome will be easier to copy the links in any program of, say, a Telegram messenger, or Viber. Or even save the page in the service Pocket.

It is reported that from now on, links can be copied and edited. The updates may be coming soon to a stable version of the browser, then it will benefit everyone. However, now a new function you can try using app beta version for developers in version Canary.

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Google внедряет новую технологию защиты: что она изменит в браузере

Google внедряет новую технологию защиты: что она изменит в браузере