Google launched a free analogue SMS for Android. But do not rejoice

Google запустила бесплатный аналог SMS для Android. Но не спешите радоваться

Recently in the Network it is increasingly common to mention RCS. They say that this is the free analogue of the usual SMS, but nobody really explains how it was possible and, most importantly, why nobody has done this before. In fact, everything is simple. In order to extend the standard RCS, it is necessary to ensure the coordinated work of operators, which is practically unrealizable. However, this is not a reason to abandon such a promising project, I decided to Google and launched their own RCS to bypass the operators.

What is RCS messages and what they can do

Fundamentally RCS is analogous to the messenger, not SMS, because it has no limit on the number of characters in the message, allows real-time to ensure that the other person is gaining message as well as to transfer media files in high quality. With texts of their native binding message to the phone number and the lack of encryption, which many manufacturers refuse to implement them as a default standard. Still today, end-to-end communication encryption is something so natural as not even think about.

However, after failing to enlist the help of operators, Google has decided that I would try to provide RCS independently, utilizing their own servers and brand Messaging, which is preinstalled on many smartphones. However, while the new standard applies only in the US, but because they are users from other countries can’t. However, if the project is successful, which cannot be excluded, given its conditional universality, there is a possibility that subsequently the RCS will start and outside the States.

Than RCS differs from SMS

However, in the truest sense of the RCS cannot be called a substitute of the SMS for several reasons:

  • Messages sent using RCS, incompatible with SMS, and therefore, users will have to select which Protocol to send messages;
  • To send RCS messages will have to install a brand Message app from Google. In any case, the standard tools found in many smartphones with RCS do not work;
  • The Messages app, which Google uses to send RCS messages, is not able to automatically select the correct Protocol depending on which one supports the recipient’s device;
  • To send messages according to the standard RCS requires access to the Internet. Otherwise, send a message with Medialogiya corny fail.

In my opinion, RCS – a rather controversial standard. On the one hand, Google wants to replace SMS, but on the other, it’s too much different from them. Often SMS messages are sent to those who do not use messengers. As a rule, older people. Well, if the recipient is not familiar with the messengers, most likely, his push-button phone that is incompatible with the RCS. So send a free message will fail. Well, if a person uses the messengers, what is the reason to send the message using RCS, knowing what is written can be decrypted by anyone, instead of trying to use WhatsApp or Telegram? In a word, nonsense.