Google leaving Russia? New penalties and cooperation with Huawei will be forced to leave the market IT

Google уйдет из России? Новые штрафы и сотрудничество с Huawei вынудят покинуть рынок IT

The company may refuse the Russian and Asian markets due to the constant threat of fines from Roskomnadzor and trade wars.

Today it became known that LV may once again be fined by Google for 750 thousand rubles for the next non-enforcement of the law on the removal of search engine links is prohibited in Russia information. In this category the content appeals to extremism, propaganda of suicide and pornography, advertising, drugs, gambling without a license, and pirate sites. This will be the second fine in 2018. In addition to the fine, Google threatens to lock at the initiative of the Agency.

Active users of the search engine people ask the logical question: how long Google will tolerate this and will not leave if he is from Russia due to such harsh conditions? Experts believe that it is likely the new penalties and the cooperation with Huawei will force Google to leave the market of IT, if not, then in China and Russia. The reasons for this mass.

Google is an American company and regardless of its economic interests must guard the interests of the state in the first place. Amid the growing confrontation between the United States and China and the strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations this market for Google becomes less attractive from the point of view of financial benefits, but the problems are growing every day.

The company has already moved part of the production of thermostats and server equipment from China, besides because of the policies of the PRC, the company will lose one billion users, as Huawei did not compromised and creates its own software to replace Android. Honor hastened to support the “big brother” and announced the opening of online stores in Russia with Android smartphones. In General, anyway, and Google was in the midst of political clashes of the three world leaders.