Google officially testing the Stadia on smartphones OnePlus and Samsung, and informally – e-books

Google Stadia официально тестируют на смартфонах OnePlus и Samsung, а неофициально - на электронных книгах

As you know, last year Google introduced its streaming game service Stadia, which should bring AAA projects on all platforms that can play streaming flow with sufficient quality. The service is currently only available on computers, iPods Chromecast and smartphones Ultra Pixel, but it is reported that Google has started testing on other Android devices.

According to 9to5google, from December 2019, reports are coming in that some users have found that when you run the application Stadia, they are invited to start the game, and not to choose between the computer and the player. Moreover, it was shown in OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy Note 10e and 9. Obviously, the company randomly selects a user and gives them temporary access.

So far this is only available via Wi-Fi, and access is given only through a single session. The company is clearly still not ready to start mass testing. However, one should not exclude that it will start in the coming months.

However, enthusiasts again managed to exceed the Corporation, at least in originality. Danish student Sebastian Oersted (Ørsted Sebastian) was able to launch Destiny 2 via the Stadia on the screen of the electronic reader Onyx Book 3 Max. No, it’s not a mistake, we are talking about the eReader with a display based on electronic ink.

The fact that this model has a mode X-Mode for faster screen updates. According to the enthusiast, the delay in the video playback does not exceed 1 second, and at times fell to 0.5 seconds. It’s funny, but it turns out that eReader for Android in a sense is more appropriate than a PC running Linux.