Google Pixel 4 again “lit up” in the network

Смартфоны Google Pixel 4 снова "засветились" в сети

It is no secret that Google is preparing to release a smartphone Pixel 4. Probably, the novelty will present in the fall, but now the network appears more and more information regarding the search giant’s flagship.

In particular, enthusiasts found in database Android Open Source Project, the first mention of the Google Pixel 4. Review to a future patch for tool detect memory errors were left by a Google employee, who twice mentioned apparatus.

Right about the existence of the device the source says, but it is possible that a prototype for developers is already being tested by engineers of the Corporation.

By the way, earlier in a network there was a schematic drawing of the Google Pixel 4, which shows a variant design of future trends.

Смартфоны Google Pixel 4 снова "засветились" в сети

What is known about the Google Pixel 4? According to preliminary data, the smartphone will get the top-end Snapdragon processor 855 and 6 GB of RAM. Most likely, Novinka of “the box” will run on the Android operating system Q, which the search engine has not yet announced.

When Google introduced Android Q? It is expected that the final version of Android Q present on the I/O conference that Google expects to be held in may 2019, and its dissemination among users of the devices will begin in September.

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