Google Pixel 4 “broken” after upgrading Android: details

Owners of smartphones Google Pixel 4 faced with a new problem. This time he suffered one of the key pieces of the front camera, which stopped working after official Android updates.

What happened

In community discussions on Reddit and on official forum Google began to appear the message on impossibility to unlock smartphones Google Pixel 4 with the function of face recognition.

The symptoms of problems were similar at all “victims” – when you try to unlock the smartphone, users get two types of error messages:

  • Can’t verify the identity. Hardware not available
  • Can’t verify the identity. Try again

About isolated cases of problems of this function was reported back in November, and with the release of the December security patch number of devices with a “broken” biometric authentication has grown.

Review of the Google Pixel smartphone 4 – watch the video


What’s the problem

Judging by the reviews, the problem is software in nature: when attempting to use an infrared module in third party applications, it can work. Reboot and factory reset, at the request of the owners of “points”, to solve the problem do not help.

The Reaction Of Google

Google representatives said the company is studying the problem and plans to solve it as soon as possible.

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