Google refused to produce tablets

Google отказалась от производства планшетов

Google is working on a large number of products, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, the Corporation has announced that it will reduce the range of smart devices and spoke about the future line of devices Pixel.

The closure of Department of development of tablets said in his Twitter-blog senior Google Vice President Rick Osterloh.

What changes will the ruler? According to him, the change in strategy will affect only the development of iron. Google is still nameren actively participate in the development of Android and Chrome OS for enterprise and consumer markets. And already sold the tablet Pixel Slate will receive regular updates until June 2024.

According to available information, the new Google tablet, currently under development, are unable to demonstrate the required level of quality.

Google Pixel. Personnel changes in Google will not affect plans to develop a series smartphones Pixel – do you have a separate team of engineers. Note, the announcement of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is expected in October 2019.

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