Google told about the danger of third-party launchers

For more than ten years history for Android has been ranked as the most insecure mobile OS on the market. This opinion is shared by many users, but it is a false position. After all, Android is, in fact, the platform that manufacturers are free to change and configure as you want them.

To recognize a “pure” Android in one way or another the shell is becoming increasingly difficult. However, the shell differ from each other not only in design, but the creators approach to their development. However, not always it turns out to be safe.

The desire of Samsung to improve the security of smart phones the Galaxy series by changing the core code, led to the emergence of a large number of bugs and vulnerabilities in One UI. This statement was made by the experts of the project Google Project Zero, who are engaged in research in the field of information security. According to Ian Horne, a security expert operating systems, by their actions, Samsung not only affects the security characteristics of Android, but also exposes users to unnecessary risks.

Safe Android

From the point of view of security, Linux based Android is sophisticated enough to operate it without change, experts say a Google Project Zero. Google gives manufacturers the ability to modify the operating system as they see fit.

However, the company does not recommend they change the defense mechanisms of the OS. Otherwise, producers do not just undermine the security of the platform, but gives users a baseless confidence in their safety.

According to Google Project Zero security problems typical of many Samsung smartphones. Of latest – Galaxy Galaxy A50, and S10, the firmware which was a critical vulnerability that allowed to execute on devices of arbitrary code. Simply put, the malware that got on these devices can independently obtain permissions without the knowledge of users and allowed its creators to remotely conduct with infected devices any manipulation.

Safe whether the third-party shell for Android

This problem is typical not only for Samsung but also for many others. The fact that the code change OSes, even if done with the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of users, may lead to conflict in those or other elements. And that, as a rule, negatively affects the efficiency of the established mechanisms of protection.

To rectify the situation, it is often impossible even hardware components that manufacturers provide their device, because if you have a chip that encrypts the data is missing steadily working ON, to sense from it will be a little.

At the same time “clean” Androoid underdeveloped from the point of view of functionality and is very often inferior to third-party shells. This fact pushes users to the more functional third-party shells which are not always a safe solution.

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