Google told me how to change the night theme in Android 11

Google рассказала, как изменится ночная тема в Android 11

2019 was the year night theme. Despite the fact that users and iOS and Android have long been asked about adding these OS a special regime, which would have obscured the colors of the interface, Apple and Google have unanimously decided to go in to them only now. But if Cupertino were immediately attended to the easy implementation of nightly themes and added to the operating system a mechanism that enables and disables it on the schedule so that activation is accounted for by night, in mountain view this for some reason did not. Fortunately, as reported in Google in the next OS update an existing defect will be corrected.

Google developer Chris Banes reported that Google plans to add Android tool is planned to enable and disable night themes depending on the time of day in the next update of the operating system. According to him, this function was not implemented immediately because of its complexity, but now, when the company saw the demand for it, it was decided to deal with its design. In the night the theme will be activated at sunset and deactivated at sunrise, turning the color of the interface in the usual use in sufficient light bright colours.

Automatic activation of night theme

Unlike the timer, activating the night theme in a strictly specified hours, the mechanism in question takes into account local solar time. As a result of night theme activated at the moment of sunset, and is activated at the moment of sunrise. It is very convenient, given that during the year the duration of daylight is rising, then declining, and every time to adjust the activation time of dark UI mode, forcing it in one direction and then the other – obviously not something I would like to do most users.

The integration of enforcement mechanism of activation of the night mode lies in the complexity calculations of sunrise and sunset in different regions. If in the middle lane it’s no problem, then on the poles with this things are much more complicated. For this, you need to teach Android to determine the motion of the Earth relative to the Sun, given the trajectory of its movement. Not that it was quite impossible, says the developer, just for the sake of it would add to the operating system, many additional lines of code that would have complicated it. And since demand for autoactivation night’s theme was not, it was decided not to engage in its implementation before the advent of the requests from users.

What’s new in Android 11

Obviously, under the next update, which will be auto activated night themes depending on the time of day, meant Android 11. Still, in recent years, Google limited to launching only one new OS per year, preferring not to spend time on the development of intermediate assemblies. And why, if you can add all the planned innovations immediately, but do not roll out them gradually, as Apple does. This is not only convenient for developers, but also safer for users who don’t have to worry about break latest update to their device or not.