Google Translate recognizes more than 100 languages

Google Translate опознает более 100 языков

The update will introduce 60 new languages and improve translation quality by up to 85%.

Representatives of the company revealed details of the upcoming update for the mobile version of Google Translate. In the new version of the thesaurus updated with 60 new languages which in total will allow for the translation 88 languages. The output of the translated text could be implemented in more than 100 languages, with English being required for one of the fields, now it is fashionable to translate between languages. Google has also expanded and improved the instant of translation from a variety of sources, now she is able to translate handwritten and printed text, images, and voices. Innovation will be the neural machine translation (NMP), which will improve the translation quality by up to 85%. Although the NWO operates and offline, but the developers advise to use the Internet connection for best performance. The last point will be a patch that will improve the image displayed on the screen will be removed, which managed to annoy many, glare.

In the beta test of the updates have already taken part around 1% of users, official release planned in the next couple of weeks.