Google wants to make “Nexus” for the poor. Well, almost

Google хочет сделать "Nexus" для бедных. Ну, почти

Despite all its advantages, Google Pixel is not ideal. High price, too much functionality that is banal is not applicable in everyday life, and of course, the limited availability makes them not the best choice. I have already explained that Google should change its approach to remedy the situation by increasing demand for branded machines. But, most likely, the company believes this method is too simple, and therefore decided to revive the idea, underlying the Nexus smartphones. Partially.

If you thought Google was going to resume production of the Nexus line, you are wrong. The company has just decided to revive the idea, which is to start production of smartphones in cooperation with some manufacturer who already has a recognizable image and a fairly wide audience. Thus Google would be able to gain a foothold in the market with minimal promotion costs, which I assumed to be her partner, not to mention the fact that it would allow her to provide significant sales at the start.

Cheap smartphone from Google

However, this time Google decided to unite in the framework of the pilot project is not with HTC or Huawei and operator from India Jio. The Indian market is for the search giant important, but branded smartphones of the brand is not there are very popular because of the high prices. Apple realized this before, and established in India the first production of the iPhone 6 and then iPhone 6s, appointing them a reasonable price. It is therefore logical that Google, seeing the success of the competitor, decided to take advantage of a win-win option.

It is unknown whether the smartphone that Google and Jio will be produced in the framework of the joint project, to enjoy the same benefits as the Google Pixel. After all, the main objective of companies is simply to lure the Indian audience, which is not so easy, given the negative experience of Android Go. Despite the efforts of vendors from China, trying to crush the market for smartphones have only 25% of Indians. All the rest are push-button phones, most of which work on the operating system KaiOS.

Push-button phones on Android

It is logical that those who have never owned a smartphone in the first place will not pay attention to the brand and support, and price. Therefore, the researchers said Counterpoint Research, retail devices Google-Jio must be received in the region of 100-120 dollars. Otherwise, it will be difficult to push accustomed to the devices on KaiOS users to buy something new. In the end, now they have no reason to change something, because KaiOS supports and YouTube, and WhatsApp, and much more.

In this regard, I would not rule out the possibility that Google may adjust release button on our Android phones. At least, this project has been. About a year ago, the Network began to appear the spy photos and videos related of Nokia phones with an adapted version of Android. It is possible to interact with all the applications and services the search giant, but it did not support touch control. However, in this case, fans KaiOS really would not make sense to transplant. So it would be logical to give them a complete smartphone then you look – and spread to the rest of the world.

Google хочет сделать "Nexus" для бедных. Ну, почти

Google хочет сделать "Nexus" для бедных. Ну, почти

Google хочет сделать "Nexus" для бедных. Ну, почти