Google was fined 11 million dollars for age discrimination

Google оштрафовали на 11 млн долларов из-за дискриминации по возрасту

The company will pay a penalty under the claim of discrimination of the applicants by age

Google will pay U.S. $ 11 million within the suit about discrimination against applicants by age. Now 227 the plaintiffs will receive 35 thousand dollars each another 2.75 million dollars will go to lawyers, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Bloomberg.

In the agreement that the company signed with previously rejected applicants, wrote the call for the division of Alphabet Inc. to wean employees and managers from age-related prejudices. Also, the company was urged to create a Committee that will deal exclusively with the issues of age diversity in recruitment.

Initially the suit was filed by a middle-aged Cheryl Fillets, which several times refused to accept a job at Google, despite its sufficient qualifications. She accused the company of “systematic discrimination against” older applicants.

The company wound was brought against Google rejected the charges, arguing that Fillets and other applicants have not demonstrated appropriate skills required to work in the company.