Google will force manufacturers to certify gaming smartphones: what it means

Google заставит производителей сертифицировать игровые смартфоны: что это означает

Slot smartphones already available in a separate niche, but soon they will have to prove his title of gaming devices. As Google is planning to make mandatory the certification of this category of Android devices.

The first documented mention of a new Google program found in the leaked document, Google Mobile Services (GMS) 7.0, according to the website XDA-Developers.

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What requirements will be nominated to the gaming smartphone? One of its sections describes in detail additional requirements for the certification of gaming Android devices. In particular, these gadgets need to pass the last test for compliance with OpenGL ES and Vulkan.

Google заставит производителей сертифицировать игровые смартфоны: что это означает

The Google certification gaming smartphones

In addition, the smartphone needs to allocate the tasks of the game at least 2.3 GB of RAM, which after the launch of other apps will not be used for the system and background processes. Mentioned the need to provide developers with gaming apps access to all cores of the CPU to avoid performance loss when running “heavy” applications.


What you get from this user? Thus, the certified devices will be able to provide the best gaming experience, and users will be able to play demanding games on their devices. In addition, this course will enable you to organize gaming smartphones.

The start date of the program. The specified certification program Google has not yet announced, but according to insiders, the preparation for the publication of the new edition of the GMS is already underway. The date of appearance of the first certified gaming smartphone unknown.

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