Google will give third-party extensions that access the context menu of tabs

Google даст сторонним расширениям доступ в контекстное меню вкладок

In August we reported that Google removed some items from the context menu of tabs in the Chrome browser. At the moment there were only options for “New tab”, “Close other tabs”, “Open closed window” and “Add all tabs to favorites”.

However, the decrease in the number of items the company intends to compensate for the fact that will allow third-party extensions add their options in the context menu. To be used for this API chrome.contextMenus.

The terms of this facility have not been announced, but you can expect that Google will soon include this feature. Most likely, this will happen in the next builds of Canary, although the change may not take.

By the way, before Microsoft made the proposed changes in Google context menu in your in Edge browser based on Chromium. It is not excluded that in “blue” the browser will eventually be a function that enables third-party extensions to add extra items to the menu.

In General, corporations have long been experimenting with browsers, ease of use and empowerment. And it pleases, because the availability of different options for web browsers, plays into the hands of users. Even the fact that most of them are built on the same Chromium technology, not strongly worsens the situation. Because the engine only implements the basic functionality, all the rest is the same from the developers.