Google will remove the ability to hide superuser

Google уберет возможность скрыть права суперпользователя

Google уберет возможность скрыть права суперпользователя

One of the main advantages Android always had complete freedom to configure the system for themselves. Last but not least it is available with the ability to obtain superuser (root). However, a new initiative Google is significantly restricts the user’s freedom.

As written in Twitter John Woo, the Creator of the app Magisk, Google is currently conducting beta testing of the enhanced security checks through SafetyNet performed at the hardware level. According to him, at the moment there is no easy way to work around this limitation.

Enthusiasts will either have to hack a secure execution environment of Android (Android Trusted Execution Environment), or find a hardware vulnerability that allows you to cheat the security system.

Magisk provides the ability to hide the unlocked bootloader and root access are available from those apps. Without this payment services such as Google Pay, simply refuse to work, citing a breach in the security system.

What was going on and what will happen next

In March, some users began to complain that the popular utility Magisk are unable to hide from the SafetyNet service status unlocked bootloader and root rights on the device. Later it worked, but in the last week again began to receive complaints from owners of Android-devices. In addition, in may, Google confirmed that is testing a test system using SafetyNet at the hardware level.

John Woo said that it would be possible to completely rewrite and replace SafetyNet to the audit was conducted only at the programmatic level, which would require to implement the modified code in Google Play services. However, it is quite difficult and Google if you wish, can easily “kill” this way.

So far, the problem faced by a relatively small number of users, but Google could at any time implement a hardware check SafetyNet on all supported devices, just releasing the update-side of Google Play services.

In this case, the owners of gadgets with Android 7.0 Nougat (starting with this version, Google requires safe runtime) and above, will have to choose between rooted and using credit and other security-sensitive applications.

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