Google will solve long-standing problem with closed tabs in Chrome

Google решит давнюю проблему с закрытыми вкладками в Chrome

Google решит давнюю проблему с закрытыми вкладками в Chrome

When working in the browser with multiple tabs it is not surprising to accidentally close one of them. In the best case, the contents of the page have to reload, and at worst you will lost all unsaved data in the input form. To solve this problem, Google announced a new feature for the desktop version of Chrome, which allows you to quickly return the tab to its original state without loss of data.

The description of technology ClosedTabCache appeared in the official document published by the developers of the company.

How this will work

The mechanism of action of the function is in the short-term saving the cache each tab – when you re-open within a few seconds all data will be fully restored.

“We are actively working to create the function BackForwardCache for Chrome. This cache makes navigation back and forth is instantaneous. The main usage scenario will be the data recovery soon after accidentally closing the tab,” – noted in the document.

When you receive the update

Testing functions ClosedTabCache will start in a few weeks as part of the beta versions of Chrome. The date of release new features and availability in other browsers based on Chromium, developers are not reported.

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