Goosebumps: network puzzled by strange lights seen in the sky over Ukraine (video)

Мурашки по коже: сеть озадачена странными огнями, замеченными в небе над Украиной (видео)

To unusual phenomena people take with great caution and apprehension. They come up with a variety of versions of a phenomenon.

On the telegram-channel Duma appeared interesting information about what the residents of Odessa alarmed by the very mysterious lights that they saw in the sky. A long chain of bright lights swam across the sky over Odessa. Users in social networks began to come up with an explanation for this phenomenon. They wrote the ferrying aircraft to the middle East, and even about the aliens that appeared in the night sky.

The explanation was a little simpler and without much mysticism. “Duma” informs that our country was flying us satellites, which are owned by prominent businessman Elon musk. They take part in the project, which in the near future will support inexpensive and high-performance Internet bandwidth. It will open access to the world wide web.

As it became known, the company Elon musk has launched a test group that consisted of 60 satellites on may 23 last year. In November was sent satellites with full functionality. The second launch took place on 7 January and quite successfully. At this point in space is 120 satellites., orbiting the planet is 550 km from its surface.

Thanks to this idea and her positive testing will be provided uninterrupted Internet all corners of our planet. Elon Musk is a very long time to develop this idea and if it meets his hopes, it will be a huge breakthrough in science and technology.

By the way, Elon Musk is a genius who has created electric cars that are sold worldwide. Also it’s going to teach them to talk.

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Мурашки по коже: сеть озадачена странными огнями, замеченными в небе над Украиной (видео)