Gorbachev about relations between the U.S. and Russia: No common sense is the threat of war

Горбачев об отношениях США и России: Нет здравого смысла и есть угрозы войны

The threat of nuclear war, as they say in the West, today there is real. The first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev wrote in his article for the Wall Street Journal, noting that relations between Moscow and Washington again come to a standstill, leading to a new arms race, including nuclear.

Gorbachev has urged the leaders of the USA and Russia to stop and to think again, as the situation may lead to military conflict or the use of nuclear weapons.

You need to renew the strategic cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, to highlight all complex Russian-the American agenda the issues of prevention of a new arms race and further reducing nuclear weapons. Won’t common sense, and the military-industrial, military-power complex“, – he wrote.

The politician criticized the concept of “nuclear deterrence” and said that such tactics keep the world under constant threat. He expressed concerns that nuclear weapons may fire accidentally due to a technical failure or to fall into the hands of terrorists.

Gorbachev stressed that Moscow and Washington should discuss not only specific issues related to the Agreement on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty), but also to global disarmament of countries and the abandonment of nuclear weapons around the world.

Previously Deputy Secretary General of the Alliance rose Guatemalan noted that NATO does not intend to engage in an arms race because of the situation around the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

But the resumption of an arms race is not, despite the fact that the United States plans this year to test banned by the INF Treaty land-based missiles with a flight range of about 1,000 kilometers. Comments about this site, “Today,” said military expert Oleg Starikov.

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