Gorbatyuk accused Poroshenko in creating problems for the investigation of the Maidan

Горбатюк обвинил Порошенко в создании проблем для расследования дел Майдана

The head of the Department of special investigations, GPU believes that the President “needs to understand the problems and obstacles in the investigation”.

The head of the special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk believes that President Petro Poroshenko “created problems” in the investigation of the Maidan.

He said this in comments LB.ua commenting on the words Poroshenko about the inefficient investigation.

“What I said to the President on such charges? In fact, all the years starting from 2015, reporting on the work, I always said problems accompanying the investigation. Including talked about responsibility or rejection of the same President. If there was a desire to help some during this time, you can join (to investigate, – ed.). And to mention if the perpetrators during the election campaign – has nothing to do with the desire to help. It’s just a desire to find some “extreme” without voicing the problems,” – said Gorbatyuk.

He also stressed that the President “needs to understand the problems and obstacles in the investigation”.

“The biggest issue for trial, where we have a huge number of indictments before the courts for years, but not have complete. Right here is the responsibility of the leadership of the state, since all five years of his tenure almost half of the vessels is not complete or not extended the term in office of judges, which consequently increases the workload of the courts and makes it impossible to review cases in a short time,” – said Gorbatyuk.

“The second problem is the High Council of justice, where we repeatedly wrote complaints about the delays and violations of the law by judges. But in practice, no reaction from their side. And in the Council – representatives of the President. The third problem is legislative support for the process. Is the adoption of amendments to the legislation during the five years that have harmed the investigation and created the Foundation for the destruction of own cases solely on procedural issues. This so-called “amendment Lozovoy”, the loss of authority of investigators investigating maydanovskie case. But the President these laws were signed. Thus, the President personally created problems for the investigation of the Maidan,” – he added.

While Gorbatyuk assured that “our work never stopped, despite all the problems that we created”.

Previously, Mr. Yan said that the results of the investigation are, “and they felt” – according to him, most of the 4,700 crimes disclosed to prison sentenced 9 people.

In the period from 21 November 2013 to 21 February 2014 during the clashes of protesters with security forces in Central Kiev, killing more than a hundred people, mostly 20 Feb. Most people died from the bullets of snipers. Subsequently the killed participants of the protest actions began to be called “Heavenly hundred”.