Gordon has listed Putin’s candidates for President of Ukraine: “All at the mercy of”

Гордон перечислил путинских кандидатов на пост президента Украины: "Все отдано на откуп"

Gordon read aloud the names of Putin’s candidates for elections in Ukraine

Russia is losing the presidential elections in Ukraine therefore is in a panic. About this channel 24 said well-known journalist Dmitry Gordon, writes Hvilya.

Europe is absolutely impotent, it repeats the mistakes of 1938. She’s spoiled Putin’s money. Putin is very powerful corrupt leaders of the European parliaments, that is, those who impact on society. As for the US, the State Department even does not have a Department in Ukraine. That is, Ukraine no one does, all at the mercy of the Embassy.

Let’s see someone put in the Kremlin – it’s Boyko. Russia really wanted under the banner Boyko was Vilkul, Dobkin, and Moore. that is, all who could theoretically resist under the banner of Moscow, the Ukrainian authorities and Ukraine. But this did not happen. In addition, she began to make for the sake of intimidation in the sanctions lists of dissenters to enter into a single list of their apologists. When under attack people like Dobkin, Novinsky, Vilkul, Kolesnikov, it is similar to a tantrum.

Boyko – impenetrable figure in the presidential elections. He does not believe that he can pass. All of his appearances on TV and commercials, saying that “I generally passed that you!?” Especially, as you say, he dogovornyak with Bank. Therefore, on presidential elections of Russia just do not Shine.

Included in the broadcasts of Russian television with great joy and pleasure. It gives me pleasure that I Express my point of view. It does not coincide with what I hear the Russians on their Federal channels. Only I can say is broadcast propaganda TV channels in Prime time that Putin is a criminal, that Russia – the aggressor country that you all are guilty of killing more than 10 thousand people that you bastards. And I say it.

Гордон перечислил путинских кандидатов на пост президента Украины: "Все отдано на откуп"