Gordon: Yanukovych held, until I said “tricked like a sucker” – here he was a

Гордон: Янукович держался, пока не сказал "обманули как лоха" - тут он был собой

Journalist and writer Dmitry Gordon commented on the press conference at fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The opinion he expressed in the ether of the TV channel NEWSONE.

“Tsymbalyuk no accident he said, “You were not a captive, you captive there?” I don’t know if he knows what Russia has done with him, including how she used it… but I think she knows”, – said the journalist.

According to Gordon, Yanukovych is a “tragic Shakespearean figure, punished by God, fate and the two countries.” He said that fugitive President unhappy, but the main problem is that it made others unhappy.

“Hold Viktor Yanukovych, was kept… until I say “tricked like a sucker” – here he was himself….. The press conference was addressed personally by some of the politicians here and to Vladimir Putin as a manifestation of loyalty, they say, I act in the framework,” he said.

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