Gordon: Zelensky is a man from another formation, and this creates difficulties for Putin. It is necessary to find the key

Гордон: Зеленский - человек другой формации, и это создает Путину сложности. К нему нужно подобрать ключ

Russian President Vladimir Putin will have to look for new approaches, building relationships with Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin. Such opinion on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” on January 9 expressed by the journalist, the founder of the Internet edition “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon.

The exchange of detainees that took place between Ukraine and Russia and Ukraine and militants “DNR” and “LNR” at the end of last year was one of the ways to establish these relationships, he suggested the journalist.

“Putin as the skilled person who graduated from the Higher school of the KGB and who was taught how to recruit people who have traditionally recruited their counterparts: gently wraps makes nice gestures and so on. Of course, he realizes that he will have to build relationships with Zelensky in the next five years. Of course, the keys to Zelensky must be picked up other than was matched to the [previous] President [of Ukraine Petro] Poroshenko,” said Gordon.

He believes that with Putin Poroshenko was easy to build a relationship, because former President of Ukraine is driven by “greed”.

“And where the case concerned the Lipetsk factory [Roshen] or other assets, it was manual and driven. And Putin spoke the same language, there was not a problem. People here is completely different formation with completely different brains, a totally different generation. And this, of course, for Putin creates some difficulties. It is necessary to find a key. Still it is necessary to deal with. That Putin is now trying does it and does it masterfully, as always”, – the journalist noted.

Gordon recalled a recent meeting in Paris of leaders of “Norman Quartet” – Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany and the behaviour on it Putin.

“I was there (of course, not in the room where the negotiations took place), but the members of the Ukrainian delegation told me that Putin was polite and as helpful as possible, told him [Zelensky], was called exclusively “Vladimir”. Now he makes a number of steps [to establish relations with Ukraine], including the exchange of prisoners, may be any [other] humanitarian concessions… concessions will Not only in the main issue – the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine]. No. On the contrary, will only be tougher. But this is the essence of Vladimir Putin. He had been taught, repeat it. He’s a very skilled politician,” – said the journalist.

The presenters noted that in Russia an impression that Putin “did not care” the relation with Poroshenko, but he was trying to establish with Zelensky, and specify what it can be connected.

“To personality characteristics Poroshenko and Zelensky. People are very different. Poroshenko essentially bred. This is a man who says one thing, thinks another, promises the third, fourth performs. Or does not perform. Putin – the man is extremely patsanskogo adhering to the code, as far as I can understand. That is, what does this mean? Agreed – do. Promised fulfilled. Poroshenko many times he cheated on that dude’s code Putin the behavior of Poroshenko simply did not meet”, – said the journalist.

In his opinion, completely ruined the relationship between Putin and Poroshenko the Ukrainian passage of warships through the Strait of Kerch in November 2018. Gordon believes that Poroshenko deliberately sought a collision with the Russians to enter the country under martial law and cancel presidential elections, but this allegedly prevented European leaders.

“Putin this step is not understood, and their relationship came to an end. Putin has ceased to answer calls Poroshenko is after the situation in the Kerch Strait. Poroshenko has repeatedly tried to phone. Poroshenko even asked mediators [for example, Belarusian President] Alexander Lukashenko, to participate in the establishment of relations with Putin, but did not succeed. He didn’t want to hear [the President], because the right one did a bad thing. That’s the whole story. Zelensky very predictable person, in the sense that it is also present males a code of honor. He is an honest, decent guy (if you can on the President to say “boyfriend”). So Putin with great interest, watching him,” – says Gordon.

Zelensky took office as President in may 2019. His only meeting with Putin took place on 9 December 2019 in Paris in the framework of the Normandy summit, which concerned the settlement of the situation in the Donbass.

After talks with Putin Zelensky has shared his impressions of the meeting. “We had a conversation, he was different, and stressful, and sometimes it’s so… powerful…” – said the President of Ukraine. To the question: “Who whom?” – he answered: “Well, I don’t know who’s who. I think it right to be a diplomat, while we just started talking. Let’s say that a draw.”

Putin at a press conference refused to characterize Zelensky. He said that not answering such questions even if they relate to the world leaders who had already left their posts. “I always shy away from answering questions of this kind… someone has both advantages there are some disadvantages. But when people get to such places, that means they were still a very serious selection, it’s all exceptional men, at least,” – said Putin.