Gosgeonedra launched a joint center calculation of cost of permits

Госгеонедра запустили единый центр расчета стоимости спецразрешений

The state service of Geology and mineral resources established a single centre of calculation of the cost of the permits, which will be entrusted with functions that were previously performed by three separate institutions: Ukrsgri, Geolekspertiza and Geoinform.

“The state service of Geology and subsoil of Ukraine on the basis of state scientific production enterprise “State informational geological Fund” was created a single centre of calculation of the cost of special permit, which will combine the functions that were previously provided by three separate companies – Ukrsgri, Geolekspertiza and Geoinform. Now, the calculation of the amount of the fee, a request for a list of the geological information obtained for the funds of the state budget, and the valuation will be based on the geographic information, in a single Center of geological and economic researches and examinations”, – said in the message.

The office expressed the view that this initiative will contribute to the creation of high-quality services and elimination of artificial barriers for the investor.

“Subsoil user will be able to get all the necessary information in one place for 14 days. Before this procedure lasted for 60 days. Also, by optimising the process, the investor no longer need to carry three separate payments for the service determine the size of the fee for a list of the geological information and determining its value, now it will be a single payment: the cost of service calculation will include search and selection of geological information,” – said the Chairman of the State service of Geology and subsoil novel opimah.

As reported, in 2019 Gosgeonedra provided 124 special permits for subsoil use, of which 35 were sold at an electronic auction. The size of the revenues from the sale of permits for electronic auctions amounted to 503,9 million.

Total scheduled receipts for 2020 and 750 million.